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Further processing

Marel Further Processing is a leading provider of equipment for the further processing of poultry, red meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and meat substitutes. We offer the best solutions for a large number of production processes in the food industry.

With a strong focus on end-product, we translate our thorough knowledge of food and process technology into innovative machines and systems for portioning, coating, heat treatment and sausage making.

Whether the need is for large-volume production or maximum flexibility in retail or food service production, we have the system to suit every operation.

Our objective is to efficiently produce attractive, tasty products that are appreciated by consumers. That is why we offer high quality, flexible processing systems that make use of the very latest technologies in food processing. No matter what end product is required, we can create the right further processing system to produce it.

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Featured Product

Marel RevoPortioner 500-600-700

RevoPortioner 500-600-700

The Townsend RevoPortioner produces perfectly portioned products of practically any shape at low pressure, while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material.

Industry video

Further Processing

Marel further processing - industry video Get an overview of our company and our full range in further processing systems and equipment.