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Fish processing

Marel is the leading global supplier of advanced process equipment and systems for the processing of white fish and salmon, both farmed and wild caught, on land and on board fishing vessels.

Developed in close collaboration with our customers, we offer solutions from single scales to full integrated product lines and turnkey systems. This includes advanced dicing, deheading, weighing, sorting, cleaning, skinning, pinboning, portioning, slicing, sawing, packing, freezing and further processing equipment.

Combined with the benefits of the Innova software system for production management, Marel equipment gives complete production control and traceability of each fish and allows manufacturers to meet the most stringent fishing regulations and the increasing demand for eco-labelling of products.

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Marel fish processing, industry newsletter - InsightInsights from processors of all sizes, with Marel innovations across the entire production chain.

Industry video

Fish Processing

Marel fish processing - industry video Watch how innovation has transformed fish processing into a high-tech industry.


Featured Product

Marel Innova Software Solutions

Innova Traceability

With Innova Software Solutions, fish processors can track and trace every step of the process, from source to shelf.