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Demo centers

Marel has Innovation Centres for product trials and demonstrations around the world where you can experience the full potential of the Marel product range in an environment that simulates factory conditions.

Our state-of-the-art demo centers enable you to explore our equipment, integrated systems, and software solutions, to discover how we can put our processing expertise to work for you.

Demo Centers

Copenhagen, Denmark

Marel Progress Point Copenhagen, Denmark

Progress Point is our newest demonstration center, just five minutes from Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport. This unique training and demo facility is designed to bring experts together to experience the full potential of Marel equipment and integrated systems in a hands-on environment.

Boxmeer, Holland

Marel Demo Center Boxmeer Nederlands

At the DemoCenter in Boxmeer, we demonstrate the superior performance of our individual machines and complete product lines for the further processing industry. The DemoCenter can mimic a customer’s specific production situation, so processors can see for themselves how well the equipment turns out end products that fully satisfy their requirements.

Des Moines, Iowa - USA

Marel Demo Center Des Moines, Iowa, USA

The Innovation Center in Des Moines simulates real plant environments that give customers the opportunity to test products with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We will replicate your specific plant and product conditions, produce a digital record of product trials, and qualify return on investment.

Lenexa, Kansas - USA

Marel Demo Center Lenexa, Kansas, USA

Customers who want to see how our technology will improve their bottom line, can test drive our technology with hands-on demonstrations and real product runs on Marel equipment and lines at our Innovation Center in Lenexa. In short, we help you discover how we can put our expertise to work for you.